Water softening
Vacuum Salt Tablets for water softening
Regenit salt tablets are produced from the purest vacuum salt and without the addition of anti-caking agents and are compacted under controlled conditions with consistent high pressure. The process prevents any premature disintegration of the salt tablets. Regenit salt tablets are specially produced for the generation of a brine for the regeneration of ion exchangers in water softening systems.
25 kg

Product information

Regenit salt tablets consist of pure, fully soluble vacuum salt and thus guarantee the efficient and trouble-free operation of the water softener. The special shape of Regenit salt tablets offers optimized solubility and dissolving speed.

  • Meets the requirements of EN 973 TYPE A and the purity requirements of the Codex Alimentarius
  • High purity
  • Even and Residue-free dissolution
  • Optimized tablet shape
  • high stability

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