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Product groups / brands
  • Industrial applications
  • ├ Potassium Chloride (5)
  • ├ Potassium Sulphate (5)
  • ├ Magnesium Sulphate (2)
  • └ Sodium Chloride (5)
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Potassium Sulphate
  • Food processing
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Pharma
  • ├ APISAL (1)
  • └ Potassium Chloride (1)
  • Animal nutrition
  • ├ KaSa (2)
  • ├ Pond salt (1)
  • ├ Natural feed salt (1)
  • └ Feed salt (1)
  • Water treatment
  • └ Sodium Chloride (3)
  • ABS plastics (2)
  • Acidity Regulator (1)
  • Animal casings (1)
  • Biotechnology (4)
  • Building and construction materials (3)
  • Carrageen (1)
  • Cattle salt (2)
  • Detergents and cleaning agents (3)
  • Drilling (3)
  • Drying of solvents (1)
  • Electrolysis (2)
  • Electroplating (2)
  • Feed (2)
  • Flow electrolysis (1)
  • Food processing (5)
  • Food Supplement (1)
  • Further processes (8)
  • Leather (2)
  • Membrane electrolysis (1)
  • Metal (4)
  • Paints and pigments (1)
  • Pond salt (1)
  • Potassium peroxodisulfate (3)
  • Pulp & Paper (2)
  • Rayon (2)
  • Refractory products (1)
  • Salt bath brazing (1)
  • Textiles (3)
  • Thickening Agent (1)
  • Titanium dioxide (1)
  • Water softening (1)
  • Water treatment (3)
  • Zeolites (1)
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Pharmaceutical salt (API) in highest purity
Pharmaceutical salt from a particularly pure brine without additives. Used in dialysis solutions, enteral and parenteral infusion solutions or medications.

Salt tablets for water softening prevent limescale deposits and ensure the proper operation of ion exchange systems. AXAL PRO’s low content of fine particles offers optimized dissolving speed.
Water treatment

Casing salt

Vacuum and rock salt for animal casings. The high-quality salt purifies, sterilizes and dehydrates the different animal intestines and serves as a preserving agent.
Food processing

Epsom Salt pure, technical

As a high-performance product, Epsom salt is pure, technical is highly effective in a large number of industrial applications. It is available in standard and fine crystalline grain sizes.
Industrial applications

Feed salt

Feed salt serves the feed industry as an important source of. It is also available iodized and in specially adapted grain sizes.
Animal nutrition


Sodium chloride in excipient quality
HD NaCl is a pharmaceutical excipient, suitable for haemodialyses, ORS, nutrition that require no GMP/CEP certificate.

Hide salt special

High-quality rock salt for the preparation of animal skins. A special preparation keeps the hide salt special smooth. Special preparation in various concentrations available.
Industrial applications

Industrial rock salt

For various industrial applications. Industrial rock salt is characterized by a high purity of typical 99% NaCl. The natural product mined from ancient sea deposits is available in a wide range of grain sizes.
Industrial applications

Industrial salt as dye

Industrial vacuum and rock salt as dye are ideal for dyeing and printing cellulose fabrics. When used in a dye bath, salt ensures that the color fully penetrates the fabric, while improving its adhesion to the fiber.
Industrial applications

Industrial salt for oil and gas

Industrial vacuum and rock salt for drilling fluids and special applications in refining processes. The application optimized NaCl product portfolio is available in different grain sizes.
Industrial applications

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