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Lower Saxony-Riedel mine

K+S will support local dialogue

Kassel, 26.03.2021 
K+S is pleased with the initiative of the Lower Saxony supervisory authority in addressing open issues concerning approval procedures for the Lower Saxony-Riedel mine and the tailings pile in Wathlingen, and finding a target-oriented solution accordingly.

At the same time, the Company considers this a confirmation of its own concept, also aimed at achieving a better understanding of the planned projects by intensifying the public dialogue. Above all, this should enable the constructive continuation of the ongoing approval processes for the flooding of the Lower Saxony-Riedel mine and the covering of the tailings pile in Wathlingen. 

The Company expects an improvement in the acceptance of the planned projects through a reassessment of the existing transportation infrastructure as well as a further technical evaluation of military waste. K+S is prepared to cooperate with external experts and bear the additional financial expenses incurred for this purpose.

In particular, an essential component of the K+S action plan is to gain further expertise regarding a possible interaction between the tailings pile and the aquifer by implementing corresponding technical measures.

K+S, for its part, will make the necessary contributions ensuring a consistent and prompt settlement of the pending issues. This is particularly important in the interest of reliable framework conditions, which are required for planning purposes not only by the Company, but also by the public.

In principle, mediation is considered preferable. Nevertheless, the approach proposed by the municipality of Wathlingen is not suitable for the equal recognition of the interests of all parties involved. In such proceedings, it is generally customary for the parties to jointly agree on the participants and the mediator. 

If agreement has been reached on the relevant provisions, K+S will promote a fair procedure and is willing to cooperate in this regard.

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