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Training Offensive

K+S Strengthens Vocational Training

Kassel, 13.08.2018 
For the first time K+S has set a record with more than 200 new apprentices and trainees, thereby preparing for the growing demand of skilled workers. Having steadily ramped up its training commitment over the previous years, it is now even more effective in countering demographic trends. At the beginning of the new training year, a total of 609 men and women will complete a qualified vocational training or dual study program at K+S. They are expected to be the specialists of the future.

“The realignment of our company as part of the Shaping 2030 strategy also depends on whether we have enough well-trained and dedicated specialists in the future”, says K+S CHRO Dr. Thomas Nöcker. “That is why,” Nöcker continues, “personnel planning is an important entrepreneurial task which we are happy to take on. We want to stay ahead of the competition with the most qualified applicants.”

The company is doing a great deal for this: for years now, all options have been used in the sites’ wider commuting area in order to pique the interest of young people in particular, to start their in training at K+S. This was done with a broad offer of everything from school visits, training fairs, internships, supporting student projects, to the implementation of “open-house trainings”. In addition to this, information is also provided using social media such as Facebook and Instagram as well as advertising on trams in Kassel and Magdeburg. K + S offers a wide range of 13 different technical and commercial job descriptions as well as six different study and dual study programs.

Defying the Trend

So far, K+S has been able to defy demographic trends like low birth rates, preference for secondary school/college education or office occupations, and even increase the number of applicants at almost all the sites. However, it is also becoming clear that the competition for the most qualified applicants is becoming tougher and starting even earlier. There is also an increasing need to strengthen the necessary basic knowledge in mathematics and physics the trainees receive in schools. All this is worth the effort, if good performance can be demonstrated in the final exam.

Guaranteed Takeover and Fixed Employment Contract

The fact that this is above average at K+S, is also due to the qualifications of the instructors, intensive in-company training and other accompanying educational programs. Graduates successfully completing the examination will be rewarded with a takeover guarantee and a fixed employment contract. For years, the takeover quota has been correspondingly high, at around 90 percent. To this Dr. Thomas Nöcker adds: “We train for our own needs and not for the job market. Apprentices who have acquired the basics of their profession at K+S are our skilled and managerial employees of tomorrow.”

Preparations are already being made for the 2019 hiring process. Starting now, K+S is accepting applications for the coming year. 

About K+S

K+S considers itself a customer-focused, independent minerals company for the Agriculture, Industry, Consumers, and Communities segments and wants to grow the EBITDA to € 3 billion by 2030. Our approximately 15,000 employees enable farmers to provide nutrition for the world, solutions that keep industries going, improve daily life for consumers and provide safety in the winter. We continually meet the growing demand for mineral products from production sites in Europe, North and South America as well as a worldwide sales network. We strive for sustainability because we are deeply committed to our responsibilities to people, the environment, the communities and the economy in the regions in which we operate. Learn more about K+S at



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