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COVID-19 Update for Europe

K+S making important contribution to essential services

Kassel, 17.04.2020 
With the extraction and processing of domestic raw materials, K+S is making an important contribution to the system-relevant basic supply of the population and important key industries in the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, feed, and agriculture in the continuing corona crisis.

“Our crisis management has been working very well since the beginning of the corona pandemic. All employees are doing a great job in this difficult time. Comprehensive measures to protect employees have made it possible to maintain production at almost all sites. We are making important contributions to the essential supply of the population and important key industries with our products and services,” says Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft.

Extensive measures to protect employees

K+S set up crisis teams (task forces) early on, which are continuously monitoring and assessing the situation during the corona pandemic and coordinating necessary measures. This is done in Germany in close and constructive cooperation with the works councils as well as with supervisory authorities and medical services.

K+S has introduced extensive measures at its production sites to minimize the spread of infection. For example, in order to ensure a greater distance between miners there are fewer miners entering the mines at once. Shifts have also been shortened or staggered in order to prevent too many employees gathering. Mouth and nose protection is used in relevant areas to minimize the spread of infection.

In order to further reduce the risk of spreading the infection, K+S administrative staff have been working mainly from home since mid-March. Here too, recent weeks have shown that cooperation in all areas is very successful. 

Products for essential services 

K+S produces high-purity pharmaceutical salts for medical purposes and for use in dialysis and infusions as well as potassium salts for the production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals. In addition, the company produces table salt for food production, salts for animal feed and animal nutrition as well as potash fertilizers for the agricultural production of foodstuffs. In addition, there are indispensable disposal services in the field of underground waste recovery and disposal, including for municipal waste incineration plants.

Close cooperation with domestic employee representatives

Together with the general works council, K+S has also reached agreement on extensive regulations in connection with the corona pandemic and has concluded a joint works agreement for the sites in Germany. Among other things, the agreements provide for a greater flexibility of working hours and support in the organization of childcare. In addition, arrangements have been made to protect employees against infection and to maintain production capacity. This is intended to promote the health protection of the employees and to mitigate the consequences of this exceptional situation for both the employees and the company.

About K+S

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