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Environmentally friendly and sustainable mining

K+S commits to EU principles for sustainable raw materials

Kassel, 15.12.2021 
K+S is committed to complying with the principles for sustainable extraction and processing of raw materials formulated by the EU (“EU principles for sustainable raw materials”). These principles essentially concern social, ecological, and economic aspects as well as sustainable corporate governance.

“We perceive ourselves as a pioneer for environmentally friendly and sustainable mining. With our sustainability management system, we address all principles in full,” says Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S AG.  

The principles are built upon existing EU legislation concerning sustainability, and refer to internationally agreed sustainable raw materials extraction and processing initiatives. They are also intended to align the understanding of sustainable resource extraction - from exploration and processing operations to post-closure - in the Member States and define the general direction with regard to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The principles should enable to better communicate with the public on the conditions under which sustainable raw materials extraction and processing takes place in Europe.

The principles have been developed and agreed by the Raw Materials Supply Group (RMSG), the EU Commission as well as other authorities and institutions. Moreover, they are based on the values and goals of the EU Treaties.

Here you will find an overview of the principles formulated by the EU. 

Pioneer for environmentally friendly and sustainable mining

At potash and salt mining, K+S sets global standards in environmental and climate protection. Some examples of this are the ESTA process developed by the Company for the dry processing of crude salts, the development of low-emission explosives, and the recovery of nutrients from production water. K+S has clear and ambitious sustainability goals. Occupational safety and the health of the workforce take precedence over revenues and earnings. Using natural resources efficiently and innovatively is the focus of our R&D activities.

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