In a new short film series, we provide exciting insights into the diverse world of work and products at K+S with impressive images. The films present our importance as a strong partner to agriculture and industry. In this way, we want to bring our mission statement, the values of our business activities as well as our fascination for mining and raw materials to life.

At the center of the new film series is the main trailer "Elements". Three further modular films take a closer look at the Agriculture and Industry+ customer segments and at K+S as an employer.

Michael Wudonig
With the new films, we want to share the fascination of mining and the importance of our products with a broader public, also from the perspective of our customers.
Michael Wudonig
"It's great"

Where our salts are contained

K+S potash, magnesium, and salt products are contained in thousands of products as well as applications and are part of our daily lives. In the film "It's great", a father who is a K+S employee tells his daughter where K+S products can be found. The film combines two storylines in a smart way. On the one hand, the areas of application and product benefits are shown, while on the other, an entertaining framework story is told attracting the viewer to continue watching with its narrative appeal and picking up on an everyday situation.


We enrich life for generations

By extracting indispensable raw materials, we make an important social contribution to world nutrition, as well as to people's health and safety. The "Elements" film addresses the principles of our mission statement and features breathtaking scenes from the mining industry, such as an underground blast.


Sustainable action secures our future

Fertilizers are a crucial factor in increasing yields in agriculture and feeding the world's growing population. We not only extract the minerals needed for this purpose, but also support our customers by providing them with advice on optimizing their harvests. In the "Generations" film, a farmer talks about his benefits from having K+S as a partner.


High purity potash and salt for the chemical industry

As a partner to industry, we supply essential raw materials for numerous industrial applications. These include electrolysis, for which high-purity potash and salt are indispensable raw materials. In the impressive setting of a large chemical plant, a senior buyer explains the reasons for her confidence in the quality and reliability of K+S as a supplier in the "Essentials" film.

Heavy Metal

Mining: An exciting and varied job

Employees are our most important resource. In the "Heavy Metal" film, a K+S miner provides exciting insights into his work underground. While steering a 20-tonne loader in the mine, he talks about his daily tasks and explains why he is proud to work for K+S.

You can also find the image films with subtitles in the media library.

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