Protecting the environment

Environmentally-friendly solutions

When choosing the means of transportation, special emphasis is placed - as in the entire production process - on environmentally-friendly solutions.

More than 90 percent of the products leave the plant by rail and less than 10 percent are loaded onto trucks. For the most part, they also only travel to the external warehouse in Hanau, where they are then transported by inland waterway.

The power plant also relies on maximum ecological efficiency. With an efficiency of over 80 percent, natural gas is used exclusively to generate energy in combined heat and power generation. This covers the entire demand for process heat and a large proportion of electrical energy. It goes without saying that dust and exhaust gas reduction measures are state-of-the-art.

The controlled disposal of solid and liquid residues is one of the most important prerequisites for the smooth operation of the factory. Of particular importance here is the stockpile on which the minerals remaining after processing, especially rock salt, are deposited. The saline precipitation water that runs off from it is collected and transported through a 63 km long pipeline to the Werra plant, where it is discharged into the Werra as part of the saline water control system there.

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