Corona Pandemic - Hero - 5-2

We enrich lives and provide essential services

Dealing with the corona pandemic.

Statement of the Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors

Corona Pandemic - Burkhard Lohr - 4-3

The corona crisis is keeping us all on edge. The situation is constantly changing. In some industries, sales have dropped overnight. It is different for us, because we manufacture products that are essential for people.

It is also part of our social responsibility to serve the needs of our customers in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, animal feed, and agriculture in the best possible way and to ensure safe waste disposal. Particularly in these times of crisis, we are proving to our customers that we are on their side and stand by our word.

Every day, all of our employees are making great contributions with their personal commitment and flexibility so that we can maintain production and overcome this crisis.  

The Board of Executive Directors, management and the plant heads are doing everything in their power to ensure that our workforce remains healthy and capable of working.  

I am convinced that we will get through this crisis together.”
Dr. Burkhard Lohr, CEO of K+S

Social contribution

We ensure the supply of essential goods with our products.

Corona Pandemic - Social contribution - 4-3
  • High-purity pharmaceutical salts for medicine and use in dialysis and infusions
  • Potassium salts for the preparation of a wide range of medicinal products
  • Salts for the production of disinfectant materials, soaps and chlorine
  • Table salt for food production
  • Salts for feed and animal nutrition
  • Potassium fertilizers for the agricultural production of food
  • Waste disposal services with underground recovery and disposal

Production assurance

Our mines are our backbone: production and supply chains are stable.

Corona Pandemic - Production assurance - 4-3
  • Corona prevention teams established
  • Shift times shortened and staggered 
  • Number of shift interactions reduced
  • Respiratory masks used when in close proximity (e.g. when entering or leaving a mine)
  • Gloves also used when operating machines and vehicles 
  • Additional disinfectant dispensers installed
  • Rules of conduct sent to 3,000 suppliers
  • External truck drivers only leave vehicle to secure loads

Group-wide prevention measures

The protection and safety of our employees is our top priority.

Corona Pandemic - Prevention measures  - 4-3
  • Several crisis teams (task forces) for continuous situation assessment and coordination set up
  • Business trips to risk areas prohibited
  • All administration functions set up at home
  • Greater use of telepresence, Skype, Teams, and telephone initiated  
  • Campaign on hand hygiene and distancing rules 
  • Production of own disinfectant according to WHO formula (see photo) and distribution across the German sites by own logistics network

Customer focus ensured

The customer remains the focus of our actions even in this crisis.

About K+S
  • Ensure customer service despite travel ban with online support
  • Successful customer contact and collaboration with Microsoft Teams 
  • Our flexible IT infrastructure was expanded quickly 
  • Constant communication with our logistics service providers to safeguard supply chains 
  • Campaign on distancing rules and hand hygiene

Attendance events canceled

We are protecting our shareholders, families and society with our actions.

Corona Pandemic - Annual general meeting - 16-9
  • This year's Annual General Meeting cancelled
  • Merkers Adventure Mine closed
  • Reception of individual visitors and groups of visitors suspended
  • Open day at Zielitz potash plant canceled
  • International K+S soccer tournament in Kassel canceled

Strength in collaboration

Mining is a community. Our greatest strength is working together. 

Corona Pandemic - Strength in collaboration - 1-1
  • "Thank you!" poster campaign for our sites
  • #Unserehelden/#Ourheroes internal campaign showing appreciation for our mining and production colleagues
  • Best practice for leadership in times of crisis
  • Counseling for colleagues working from home 
  • “Distance leading” online training for leadership 
  • Daily mails with tips and ideas

Digital knowledge management

It is our mission to inform employees in the best possible way and with up-to-date information. 

Corona Pandemic - Knowledge management - 4-3
  • Ongoing news feeds of the current situation on the intranet 
  • Intranet site for corona prevention online
  • Q&A catalogue created
  • CEO video message and CFO interview published
  • Flyers and posters with rules of conduct distributed
  • Podcasts of the Werra plant's management team and works council
  • Online fitness courses offered

Thank you for securing our supply.

Corona-Pandemic - Appreciation - 16-9