Produktverantwortung G & P
Product responsibility

We ensure safety and quality

K+S is the world's largest supplier of salt products, the fifth largest potash producer in the world, and the largest supplier of potash and magnesium products in Western Europe. For us, product responsibility means sustainability and quality. It is our commitment to ensure the safety and quality of our products as well as their environmental compatibility. This applies just as much to our customers, and employees as it does to society.

Holistic product responsibility

We take a holistic approach to product responsibility. These are our principles:

  • We ensure that products are responsibly developed, purchased, manufactured, stored, transported, and used.
  • We continuously improve environmental protection, health protection, and the safety of our employees during production, not only in the mine and in the factory.
  • We support our customers in the safe handling and use of our products, for example by offering them application advice from our experts. Close and trusting cooperation with our customers is particularly valuable for the safe handling of our products.
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Quality management, product conformity and certificates:

Quality management

We attach particular importance to the continuous improvement of the safety, quality, and environmental compatibility of our products.

Product conformity

Our products are safe for humans, animals, and nature when used responsibly. That's what we stand for as a company and that's what our specialists do with their expertise.


Our committment to product responsibility is reflected in product certificates and sustainability-specific standards such as Sedex and EcoVadis certificates.

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