CEOs call to action
Strategy for a sustainable Europe

CEO´s Call To Action

CEO Dr. Burkhard Lohr signs "CEO's Call To Action" for a sustainable Europe.

As a signatory to the "CEO's Call to Action", Dr. Burkhard Lohr, CEO of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, calls on the European leaders to jointly implement an overarching strategy for a sustainable Europe by 2030. The aim is to accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create integrative prosperity. 

Dr. Burkhard Lohr
We need a common idea for a strong Europe based on a sustainable economy. Raw materials can make a valuable contribution to this.
Dr. Burkhard Lohr

Transformation needed to meet current challenges

The CEO's Call to Action stands for a sustainable Europe, protecting the climate and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Civil society, politics, business, and industry are called upon to create cooperation platforms and financing models.  The aim is to create a sustainable circular and digital economy that promotes lifelong employability and social cohesion.
CEOs of more than 250 European companies have signed the call. The signatories come from a wide range of companies and sectors across Europe. 

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