Global Goals Forum

Successful appearance at the Global Goals Forum

At the Global Goals Forum on 10 October 2019 in Berlin, K+S enthused visitors with discussions and an information booth.

Important contribution to food security through innovation and application advice worldwide

Alexa Hergenröther, former Head of the Operating Unit Europe+ and Managing Director of K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH (at the time of the event Managing Director of K+S KALI GmbH), made a clear statement in the high-level panel discussion on "Multilateralism in the crisis: What does this mean for Agenda 2030?". “Against the background of changing economic systems, the old principle of ‘more people = more prosperity = more fertilizer’ no longer works in this way today. We at K+S KALI recognized this at an early stage and are already making an important contribution to food security today through application advice and innovative approaches". Hergenröther does not see the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in companies without conflicting goals. She demands a holistic discussion of thematic interrelationships, for example with regard to climate and water protection.

Booth on sustainability, innovation and the SDGs

At the K+S booth, which focused on sustainability and innovation, visitors were able to find out about the implementation of the SDGs and the sustainability fields of action at K+S. Innopark SI (Sigmundshall site) presented itself with natural additives from micro and macro algae in food. Inspirational results from the K+S Brine Challenge were met with enthusiasm. In the Brine Challenge, approaches and concepts from all over the world were submitted in order to be able to further significantly reduce the constantly occurring tailings pile water at K+S.

Insights of the workshop on “Water Stewardship

In a workshop on "Water Stewardship", K+S had a short presentation. The water management of the K+S Group worldwide and in Germany was discussed. The resource of water is of great importance to K+S. Water management is therefore firmly anchored in the K+S Group's sustainability programme. Specific goals have been defined as part of Shaping 2030 corporate strategy and are being pursued with corresponding engagement. K+S already carried out a global risk analysis on water withdrawal in 2017 and derives measures at site level within the framework of the environmental management system. In Germany, the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive is a central issue for K+S. In this connection, we want to further reduce the production of saline waste water in the future and develop new disposal options. These include, among other things, measures to cover the tailings piles, as well as the commissioning of new technical facilities and the testing of the stacking of saline waste water underground.

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