A trend that moves

Jogging, hiking, or going for a walk and collecting garbage at the same time. What began in Sweden, has now become a worldwide sport trend.

The term Plogging is a combination of the Swedish term "plocka upp" for "picking up" and "jogging". But why start a Swedish sport? The answer is pretty clear. Issues such as sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly in focus. It's a way of doing something good for yourself and for the environment.

What do you need for Plogging?

You don't need much to start Plogging. Just put on your  jogging outfit, pack a garbage bag and some gloves, and off you go. Due to frequent stops and starts, as well as carrying increasingly heavy garbage bags, Plogging as an outdoor sport, is a full-body workout.  Gathering up garbage is not only great for the body, but also for the mind.

Plogging has something meditative about it. You focus so much on all the garbage that could be lying around that you forget everything else.
Ralf Orth, former mayor of Philippsthal, and participant in a Plogging event at plant Werra

Plogging event on Sustainability Day

K+S employees after their successful plogging day
Well-filled garbage bags after the Plogging event on Sustainability Day 2018

Plogging was originally intended as a team sport. The more people become active, the cleaner our environment becomes. 

Some of our employees from the Werra plant enjoyed Plogging on Hesse Sustainability Day 2018.

Who would have thought how much garbage one could find along a 4 km path, which at first appeared to be clean!

All participants of the Plogging event were quite surprised and brought well-filled garbage bags from their run back to the Hattorf site. They had started in the direction of Philippsthal. At first the weather wasn´t that nice, but the participants, including Philippsthal's former mayor Ralf Orth, were not deterred by a grey sky and a few raindrops.   


Start your own Plogging event today

Put on your jogging outfit, pack a garbage bag and gloves, and off you go.

If you would like to start the trend in a team, ask at nearby towns and communities. Some towns and communities organize their own Plogging events where you can participate. Get engaged and have fun!

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