Product responsibility Sustainability
Product Responsibilty

Continuous commitment to safety and quality

K+S offers solutions for agriculture, industry, consumers, and communities. We are the world's largest supplier of salt products, the fifth largest potash producer in the world, and the largest supplier of potash and magnesium products in Western Europe. We consider it our duty to ensure the safety and quality of our products throughout their entire life cycle. 


Your added value with our products

With our products and integrated solutions, we respond to our customer's needs. We support our commercial clients in creating economic value and make a positive contribution to the lives of our customers.

For us, product responsibility means quality, safety, and sustainability as a whole. With the competence and knowledge of our experts, we ensure that our products are safe for people and nature when used responsibly and properly. Along the entire value chain, we continuously check our products for possible risks to health, safety and environmental compatibility. Materials with unacceptable risks are not used and in addition, we communicate product safety information transparently to our customers and offer product-specific application advice.

Our committment to product responsibility is reflected in product certificates and sustainability-specific standards such as Sedex and EcoVadis certificates.

Ecological, economic and social impacts of our products

Along the different life cycle phases, products or services have different direct and indirect impacts on society, the environment and our economy.

In order to identify the ecological, economic and social impacts of our product portfolio, both positive and negative, as detailed as possible and to be able to visualize these impacts, we have used the impact valuation tool.

As a producer of products in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, agriculture and animal feed, as well as for numerous industrial applications, we have a wide-ranging impact on society, the environment and the economy through their manufacture and subsequent use.

Contribution of our products to the Sustainable Development Goals

With product value impacting, we have developed and implemented an approach to quantify product impacts. Based on product value impacting, we have created a matrix that shows the contribution of our product portfolio to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs of Agenda 2030 are 17 global goals for sustainable development. For each product segment, in addition to the direct contribution to the SDGs, the long-term, higher-order, indirect contribution was also assigned. The result is a matrix that shows indirect and direct contributions of the K+S customer segments to the SDGs.

Our customer segments contribution to the SDGs
Our customer segments contribution to the SDGs