People are our focus

Everyone of K+S’s approximately 15,000 employees contributes to the success of the K+S Group every day. We act as “One Company” and will continue to create value together. As an attractive employer, the safety and health of our employees has top priority. We live and promote diversity in our workforce; an inclusive work environment is important to us. It goes without saying, that respect for human rights is the basis of our business activities.

The health and safety of our employees has top priority for K+S. One Group-wide goal is to ensure a healthy and safe work environment, with the vision of completely avoiding accidents at work.

Respect for internationally recognized human rights at all our sites is our Group-wide goal. By 2030, K+S aims to have a system in place at all sites for assessing the human rights impact of our business. Experts call this a human rights due diligence process. This will allow potential human rights violations and risks to be identified at an early stage, prevented, and countermeasures taken.

In line with our understanding of diversity, we have also set ourselves the goal of developing and recruiting a workforce by 2030 that reflects the environment of where we do business. In addition, we will promote an inclusive work environment that will enable all employees to achieve their own success and contribute to innovation and business results. This is expected to be implemented by 2030 and be perceived by more than 90 percent of our employees.

Our three areas of activity