Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

“It’s all about life!” The health and safety of our employees has top priority for K+S. Nothing is more important than this – not production, not sales, not profit. This is the reason why we are continuously working to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

The K+S Health, Safety & Environment Policy is the basis on which we continuously expand and improve processes for protecting health and guaranteeing safety on the job.

Anywhere we identify hazards, work-related pressures or health risks, we actively take steps to protect health and increase industrial safety. We brief our staff with preventive training courses and campaigns. Worldwide introduction of a management system in accordance with ISO 45001 will guarantee a standardized continuous improvement by 2022.

Our vision leading up to 2030 involves greater occupational safety and better health for our employees:

The K+S vision is to completely prevent accidents at work. We are aiming to significantly reduce our lost time injury (LTI) rate by 2030.