K+S owes its success to a strong workforce

The Group's SHAPING 2030 strategy is changing the corporate culture on many levels: K+S is being transformed into "One Company". For this transformation to take place, each and every employee has to be integrated in the best possible manner.

Developing and supporting employees

Expertise and innovation of our workforce are key drivers for corporate success. We therefore continue to develop and utilize our employees’ potential. At the same time, we are always looking for talented people who will help our continuous development process with new ideas.

We value active participation by all of our employees in the design of company processes and structures. At K+S we do this using "knowledge management" and the continuous improvement process (CIP), for example. Here, ideas can be supported by the direct supervisor, rapidly implemented and rewarded depending on the benefit they provide. We would like to thank our colleagues who contributed 11,396 ideas in 2020.