Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity makes us more successful

K+S supports a holistic approach to diversity & inclusion. The wealth of experience among our employees and their knowledge and creativity makes us more successful. We promote diversity in our global workforce and a work environment in which this diversity is optimally utilized for the success of individuals and the company as a whole.

Whereas diversity describes the composition of our workforce, inclusion describes employees’ active participation in everyday working life. We want the heterogeneity of the labor markets in which we operate worldwide to be reflected in the company. We value and embrace diversity and inclusion so that our collective wealth of skills, perspectives and experience leads to better solutions for our customers.

Our specific target in the area of diversity & inclusion is:

More than 90 percent of our employees should have a positive perception of the work environment as inclusive.

To meet the different needs of our customers and markets, we rely on the best team. Our aim is to continue to expand and step up the active use of diversity & inclusion as an essential part of our corporate culture. We are therefore seeking to continuously improve the performance of our teams and increase creativity, motivation and identification with the company.

This starts with the acquisition of talented staff. Here we seek to ensure that despite an increasingly contested labor market, the best people are recruited for all divisions. In the interests of retaining talented employees, we are developing a diverse workforce in all levels of the organization. The matrix organization introduced as part of Shaping 2030 intensifies cooperation between colleagues across functional and national boundaries. Active shaping of diversity & inclusion makes a significant contribution to the success of our company here too.