Business ethics
Business ethics

Integrity & sense of responsibility guide our actions

K+S is a reliable partner to its customers, suppliers and communities. A wide range of expertise in all our business units is just as important to us as doing business with one another fairly. It goes without saying that each individual employee must act with integrity and a sense of responsibility.

Sustainable supply chains

We also demand compliance with a sustainable approach from our suppliers along the entire supply chain in order to align all business activities with our values. By 2025, the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct is expected to cover more than 90 percent of our spend. All of our suppliers with a high sustainability risk will be required to commit to our values by 2025.


Compliance is an integral part of the K+S corporate culture. All employees are extensively briefed on the Code of Conduct that is applicable throughout the Group and on the regulations derived from this and encouraged to act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We regard it as a matter of course that breaches of compliance are pursued and penalties imposed. We plan to intensify our compliance training for employees in the future. This will enable K+S to ensure that its corporate values are applied in practice and the reputation of the company is protected.