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COVID-19 Update for Europe
K+S making important contribution to essential services

With the extraction and processing of domestic raw materials, K+S is making an important contribution to the system-relevant basic supply of the population and important key industries in the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, feed, and agriculture in the continuing corona crisis.

K+S plans virtual Annual General Meeting on June 10, 2020

With the continuing coronavirus pandemic in Germany and for the protection of the health of employees, shareholders and service providers, K+S plans to hold the Company's Annual General Meeting on June 10, 2020, entirely virtually and without the physical presence of shareholders.

K+S postpones Annual General Meeting due to Corona Pandemic

As a result of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Germany, K+S will not be able to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Company planned for 12 May 2020 in Kassel.

Reduction of debt / Figures for the financial year 2019
K+S is driving the complete sale of the Operating Unit Americas forward and is realigning the company

K+S will completely sell the Operating Unit Americas, in which the North and South American salt business is bundled. A sales agreement (signing) is expected before the end of this year. With the accompanying focus on the core business with mineral fertilizers and specialties, the Company will continue to pursue the ongoing increases in efficiency and productivity. Future-oriented solutions in the environmental area are just as much the focus of our work.

Merkers Adventure Mine Attracts
Two Million Visitors to the “World of White Gold”

The Merkers Adventure Mine of the K+S Group continues to enjoy great popularity 29 years after its foundation. Today, the two millionth visitor entered the former potash mine in the Wartburg region. Located in the heart of the Werra potash region, it offers the opportunity to gain a first-hand impression of potash mining in the past and present, in addition to attractions that are unparalleled worldwide.

Cooperation in joint nature conservation projects
The island in the Hautsee will float again!

In order to improve the ecological condition of waters and natural areas, K+S, Thuringia Forest, and the renowned Thuringian nature conservation associations “Verband für Angeln und Naturschutz” (VANT) and “Arbeitsgruppe Artenschutz” (AAT) have concluded a cooperation agreement. As the first joint project, the floating island in the Hautsee near Bad Salzungen (Wartburg district) will be restored to its natural state.

Shaping 2030
K+S divests waste management Group company in Switzerland

K+S sold its Group company K+S Entsorgung (Schweiz) AG to the Swiss-based Thommen-Furler Group. The selling price is in the lower single-digit million euro range. The sale of the company is related to the package of measures adopted on December 10, 2019 to quickly generate value and reduce indebtedness.

Innovative technology for agriculture
Cooperation between K+S and the Spacenus start-up

Preventing crop failures by using a smartphone to detect a plant's nutrient deficiency at an early stage: The Agricultural Nutrient Assistant (ANA) from Spacenus is designed to support farmers in fertilizing plants according to their needs. K+S and Spacenus, a start-up company based in Darmstadt, have agreed to work closely together in developing this digital technology in the area of precision farming.

Storage of saline wastewaters in the Springen mine field
Reducing environmental impact and securing the region's future

The sustainable and predictable disposal of saline wastewater is an indispensable prerequisite for the continuation of potash production in the Werra region. From 2022, K+S plans to discharge highly concentrated wastewater into the old mining area of the Springen mine (Wartburg district). After more than 90 years, it will therefore be possible to discontinue the injection into the plate dolomite, to remediate a former mining site and also to make further progress in reducing the environmental burden on the Werra river.

Company strategy Shaping 2030 is being accelerated and expanded
Package of Measures adopted for the rapid Generation of Value and Reduction of Indebtedness

Over the past several months, K+S has made significant progress with the implementation of Shaping 2030 projects. Despite the progress made, the current difficult external conditions are hampering the achievement of the financial targets. K+S has therefore developed a package of measures to crystallize value rapidly in order to reduce indebtedness.