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Successful Placement
Successful Placement of a Bond in the Amount of EUR 600 Million

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Annual General Meeting of May 15, 2018
Changes in the K+S AG Supervisory Board

Yesterday, the annual general meeting of K+S Aktiengesellschaft elected four supervisory board shareholder members.

1st Quarter of 2018
K+S Starts the New Fiscal Year with an Increase in Revenues

The K+S Group began the 2018 financial year with improvement in its key performance indicators. Revenues rose by 4% year-on-year to € 1.17 billion. Operating earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) improved by more than 12% to € 237 million, helped in particular by deliveries from the new potash mine in Bethune, Canada, and higher market prices for potassium chloride.

New Salt Brine Field in The Netherlands
K+S Decides on Investment in a New Salt Brine Field in The Netherlands

On March 22nd, 2018, the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Kassel, decided to develop a new off-shore brine field by drilling a new cavern at its Dutch production plant, Frisia Zout B.V. in Harlingen. Thus K+S further implements the Group strategy Shaping 2030.

Financial year 2017
Foundations laid for growth

The K+S Group has improved in all of its key indicators in the 2017 financial year: revenues rose to € 3.6 billion (previous year: € 3.5 billion), operating earnings EBIT I increased to € 271 million (previous year: € 229 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) were lifted to € 577 million (previous year: € 519 million). “Even though 2017 was a year shaped by transition, we reached our targets, laying a strong foundation for our future,” said Dr Burkhard Lohr, CEO of K+S AG.

Waggonbau Niesky
K+S order opens up prospects for 300 jobs

The conclusion by K+S of an agreement on the construction of 160 bulk material freight cars has ensured that WBN Waggonbau Niesky will have more work for now. WBN filed for insolvency at the end of December 2017. This placed about 300 jobs in the district of Görlitz in the state of Saxony at risk.

K+S commissions Aquaponic Research Container
Why Lettuce and Fish Go Well Together

Today, K+S Aktiengesellschaft unveiled a new aquaponic research container at its headquarters in Kassel. Speaking at a press conference, Dr. Burkhard Lohr, the chairman of the K+S Board of Executive Directors, and Alexa Hergenröther, the managing director of K+S KALI GmbH, accompanied by Christian Geselle, the lord mayor of Kassel, explained why aquaponics and research and innovation were so important for the company.

Accused Fully Cleared
Searches and Seizures Were Unlawful

In a decision communicated today, the Jena Higher Regional Court has found that the searches and seizures conducted by the Meiningen Public Prosecutor’s Office in business and private premises in September 2015 in connection with injecting at the Gerstungen trough were unlawful.

Corporate Communications
Frauke Riva is new Head of Corporate Communications

Frauke Riva (46) has been appointed the new Head of Corporate Communications at K+S Aktiengesellschaft.

Third Quarter of 2017
K+S Group lifts revenues and earnings once again

The K+S Group generated moderately higher revenues in the third quarter and operating earnings rose significantly compared with the prior-year period. Enhanced product availability of specialties and higher fertilizer prices contributed to the increase in earnings.