Shaping 2030
Shaping 2030

Ambitious growth strategy until 2030

With our Shaping 2030 strategy, we have set out to achieve ambitious goals. We have recognized what we need to change in order to lead K+S into a sustainably successful future: 

  • We are focusing on the customer
  • We are lowering our debt
  • We are leveraging synergies
  • We are expanding our specialty business
  • We are thinking and acting as one company, as One K+S and
  • We have clear sustainability targets by which we can be measured.

Far-reaching change is needed to change structures that have evolved over time. With a great deal of commitment and perseverance, we are gradually approaching our goals in order to increase the value of the company for shareholders, employees, and customers.

With Shaping 2030 we are focusing our actions on the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of products and solutions from a single source. At the same time we strengthen our profile as a system provider and innovative problem solver. 

We rely on our expertise in the extraction and processing of minerals and exploit the opportunities offered by global megatrends. This opens up new growth opportunities both in existing and in new, adjacent business fields. We are expanding our specialties business and becoming more independent of external influences such as weather and world market prices. 


Transformation and growth

Shaping 2030

Shaping 2030 consists of two phases. In the transformation phase, our focus is on reducing debt. We will restructure K+S by the end of 2020. We are sharpening our customer orientation and at the same time becoming faster, more flexible and more agile. We are reducing double structures and leveraging synergies. To this end, we have identified seven areas - from production to administrative costs.

Shaping 2030 synergies

In the second phase starting in 2021, we are setting the stage for growth. We will achieve this by leveraging the potential in our existing business and increasing the share of specialty business in our overall portfolio. We will develop new growth areas adjacent to our existing activities. We will expand our regional business in high-growth regions such as Africa and Asia.

This growth strategy opens up new development and employment opportunities for our employees. Are you also interested in joining K+S? Here you will find more detailed information about our job offers and working at K+S.

Our customer promise

Shaping 2030

In a world of global competition, powerful trading platforms and rapid technological changes, customer needs are changing rapidly. Not only is communication becoming faster and more individual, so are the demands placed on us.

Our customers are looking for a dynamic partner at eye level who understands their needs and thinks in terms of solutions. K+S enriches life through the sustainable extraction and processing of minerals into indispensable products for agriculture, industry, consumers, and communities. In each of these segments, we concentrate on the added value that we offer at K+S.

  • We help farmers to secure the world's food supply. Our fertilizers are used on all continents of the world - from the wheat fields of Europe to the rice terraces of Asia to the coffee plantations of South America. At the same time, we always have the sustainability of our products in mind.
  • We offer solutions that keep industries running. The main field of application for our minerals in the industrial sector is electrolysis. This produces chlorine - an important substance for many industrial products. Nutritional solutions as well as cosmetic and care products also contain our minerals.
  • We enrich the lives of consumers.  In addition to table salt, many of our applications improve the lives of consumers every day. Water softening salts soften water and protect clothes or household appliances, while our de-icing salt helps prevent friends and family from slipping in winter.
  • We ensure safety in winter.  Our de-icing salts prevent many accidents in winter - because we are the only supplier that is represented in all the de-icing salt markets in the world.

Sustainability - a solid anchor of our strategy

We are committed to sustainability and set ourselves ambitious goals. After all, sustainability means sustainability for us. Among other things, we want to further reduce the amount of saline wastewater produced in potash production. We will discontinue the injection of saline process waste water by the end of 2021.

It remains our top priority to offer our employees a healthy and safe working environment in order to protect them as best as possible from all dangers. Every accident is one accident too many!

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