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Solutions for the entire disposal process

Our core business is the long-term safe recycling and disposal of hazardous waste. Unique in the industry: the large number of sites, technologies and processes. In addition to the actual disposal, we also carry out the necessary analyses, packaging and transportation. What services can we offer to help you with your project?


We have been on the market for 45 years. During this time, we have encountered almost every material - a valuable wealth of experience that is of particular benefit to you when it comes to challenging topics. The disposal of hazardous waste is regulated by a large number of laws and regulations. Our in-house experts are always up to date and advise you on the optimal disposal of your waste. Their initial assessment sets the standard, which is almost always confirmed by the following analysis.

Throughout the entire project, a permanent contact person will keep you regularly informed about the status of the project, answer your questions and listen to you.


The basis of a waste disposal concept that is designed for maximum safety is the careful analysis of the waste. The K+S Group's accredited analytics and research center is very familiar with all standardized methods as well as with our internal processes. In close coordination with our experts for waste chemistry, the laboratory takes care of everything that is necessary: in addition to the individual analysis of solids, site-specific analyses and the important forecasts for the occupational health and safety of all people involved in waste processing.


We will be happy to support you on the way to a certificate of disposal or notification. We know all relevant official requirements down to the smallest detail and accompany you through the entire process from the declaration to the approved certificate of disposal.

Because we have the necessary in-house expertise, we can assess, decide and act independently. Depending on the process, technology and location, we have our initial assessment reviewed by independent experts.

Thanks to our certifications, we can approve proofs of disposal in a privileged procedure even without further involvement of the authorities.

Throughout the entire project, a permanent contact person will keep you regularly informed about the status of the project, answer your questions and listen to you.


Big bags, drums or sheet steel containers - whether and how your waste is to be packed for transportation, handling and storage is part of our advice. In contrast to underground storage, which generally requires protective packaging, recyclable waste can also be disposed of in bulk.

On request, we can procure and supply suitable packaging. Safety and reliability are our top priorities. That is why we work together with suppliers whose requirements correspond to ours. Our quality standards are defined in clear guidelines.


Our locations are centrally located and easily accessible and equipped for a wide range of delivery types.

Whether your waste comes to us by truck, sea container or rail; whether you transport it every day or once a year - the logistics experts of the K+S Group move more than 56 million tonnes of material worldwide every year and find the right solution for you too. We know all the legal requirements for the transport of hazardous waste - also internationally. When choosing logistics partners, we attach great importance to qualified drivers and technically flawless vehicles.

If you wish, we can coordinate the transport of your waste from the place of generation to the disposal facility and prepare a suitable offer for you - you are completely free to choose who you ultimately commission.

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