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Industrial salt for oil and gas

Industrial salt for drilling fluids and special applications in refining processes
  • high purity (rock salt typical 99 %, PDV salt typical 99,9 %)
  • use-oriented product range in various grain sizes
  • borehole stability
  • complete solubility
  • Rocksalt extra coarse grade 8 – 2 mm, the ideal solution for salt filter units within the Merox process of refineries
  • ideal solution for you using NaCl as temporary plugging agent
  • permanent delivery reliability
Facts and Figures


Steinsalz: 0,7 – 0,16 mm Steinsalz: 1,4 – 0,4 mm Steinsalz: 8 – 2 mm Siedesalz: Standard 0,7 – 0,10 mm Siedesalz: Coarse 1,25 – 0,4 mm


25 kg
50 kg
Big Bag (1000 kg)

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