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Industrial salt as dye

High-quality industrial vaccum and rocksalt
  • use-oriented vacuum and rock salt
  • complete solubility
  • high purity
  • constantly checked quality
  • free-flowing
Facts and Figures


Steinsalz: 0,7 – 0,16 mm Steinsalz: 1,4 – 0,4 mm Steinsalz: 1,4 – 0,16 mm Steinsalz: 2,3 – 0,4 mm Siedesalz: Standard 0,7 – 0,10 mm Siedesalz: Coarse 1,25 – 0,4 mm


25 kg
50 kg
Big Bag (1000 kg)

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Product Features

Application areas


In the textile industry, industrial salt is used as dye enhancer in the processing and refining of fabrics, such as cotton or linen. When used in a dye bath, salt ensures that the color fully penetrates the fabric, while improving its adhesion to the fiber.

Magnesium sulphate anhydrous is essential in the high-grade finishing of textiles. Their catalytic effect is necessary for the production of non-iron textile materials.


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