SOLSEL® Universal

Animal nutrition
Sheep licking Solsel Universal (4:3)
Saltlick blocks made from pure and natural rock salt.
10 kg
25 kg

Product information

The sufficient supply of salt, minerals, and microelements is the prerequisite for the health of your animals, which is why SOLSEL® Natural provides you with an economical feeding supplement that conforms to your needs.

The stability of the stones is a result of lengthy test series and permanent endurance tests. This guarantees high weather resistance as well as even consumption by the animal. SOLSEL® Natural saltlick blocks are manufactured as pure rock or evaporated salt according to a specialized press process.

Product properties:

  • made from crystal salt
  • simple and effective feeding supplement
  • efficiency through instinctive licking behavior
  • preventatively combat nutritional deficiencies with SOLSEL® lick blocks
  • suitable for organic production

Application areas