soluSOP 52®

solu Family
Fertigation soluSOP 52 Häufchen
Fertigation soluSOP 52 organic bag
content of potassium (K) = 45%
content of sulfur (S) = 18%

Further product information

soluSOP® 52 is an immediately effective fertigation fertilizer with potassium and sulfur.

  • The highest possible concentration of potassium and sulfur
  • Fully water-soluble and immediately available to plants
  • Practically free of chloride and sodium
  • Has a strongly acidic pH and is therefore ideally suited for alkaline waters and calcareous soils
  • Especially suitable for fruit and vegetable crops
  • Covers peak needs in all growth phases
  • Improves plant quality and increases tolerance to drought and frost
  • Potassium improves tolerance to drought stress
  • Sulfur is essential for protein synthesis and increases nitrogen efficiency
  • Can be used as a foliar fertilizer and in fertigation systems
  • Miscible with most crop protection products and other fertilizers

EC FERTILIZER Potassium sulfate 52 (+45)

K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (= 43.2% K)
SO3 water-soluble sulfur trioxide (= 18% S)

Recommended Use

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