KALISOP® fine max. 0.5% Cl

Blattdünger KALISOP fein max. 0,5% Cl Häufchen
For organic farming Certified for Organic Farming
content of potassium (K) = 42.3%.
content of sulfur (S) = 18%

Further product information

KALISOP® fine max. 0.5% Cl is a highly concentrated compound fertilizer with potassium and sulfur.

  • Practically chloride-free (max. 0.5% Cl) and therefore suitable for further processing in low-chloride compound fertilizers and substrates
  • Particularly low chloride content with increased potassium content
  • Fine and homogeneous with ideal flowability even after prolonged storage
  • Extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany
  • Approved for use in organic farming in accordance with Regulations (EU) No. 2018/848 and (EC) No. 889/2008
  • Practically free of pollutants and impurities due to its natural origin
  • Neutral pH for easy processing and blending with other fertilizers and application on all soils
  • Also available in bulk and in big bag

EC FERTILIZER Potassium sulfate 51 (+45)

K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (=42.3% K)
SO3 water-soluble sulfur trioxide (= 18% S)

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