The top 3 functions of sulfur

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As a macro nutrient, sulfur plays a key role in plant metabolism. Implementing the recommendations based on the top three functions of sulfur is a precondition for optimal plant growth. Sulfur enhances yield and has a strong effect on nutrient use efficiency, particularly nitrogen use efficiency. Furthermore, some main quality characteristics such as baking properties of wheat or aromatic flavor compounds of Brassica (e.g. cabbages) and Allium vegetables (e.g. garlic) depend on the availability of sulfur. 

In our webinar, you will learn how to secure the sulfur supply of your crops and thus improve yield, nitrogen use efficiency and quality characteristics with particular emphasis on cereals and Brassica vegetables. The webinar speaker will also answer you individual questions in the discussion. 


Our expert for this webinar

Prof. Dr. Jóska Gerendás


Dr. Jóska Gerendás is chief agronomist at K+S headquarters in Kassel, Germany. He gained more than 15 years of experience as postdoctoral researcher at Kiel University before joining K+S as an R&D agronomist in 2009. Originally in charge of the Southeast Asia programme and later stationed in India for five years, he gained first-hand insight into tropical agriculture. Among more than 50 research papers he wrote several on nitrogen and sulfur nutrition.  

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