3rd Class Engineer

Published on: Feb 24, 2021
Entry Date
Working time
Entry Level
Windsor Salt Ltd.
Canada, Lindbergh, Alberta

Your Responsibilities

As a Stationary Engineer, working on rotating 12 hour shifts you will provide technical expertise to operate efficiently and uninterrupted steam production, power production, and compressed air production to support process of salt evaporation to supply dry salt to key packaging and bagging operations along with the following:

  • Wear CSA approved PPE: hard hat, safety glasses, safety shoes, company issued clothing (shirt and pants, coveralls, smocks).
  • Ensures safe and efficient operation of Power House.
  • Maintains continuous, trouble free Power House performance at established standard performance rates making necessary adjustment as required to optimize consumption of resources,  which involves minor machinery, processing and equipment adjustment and maintenance.
  • Works within all Company Policies/Standards and Collective Agreement.
  • Complies with Environmental Regulations, ABSA Guidelines, and Product Quality Control Standards.
  • Adheres to all Facility safety regulations.
  • Completes and issues appropriate Safety Permits as required.
  • Participates and Supports Company Safety Initiatives.
  • Ensures plant optimization, process improvement and trouble shooting of Power House within designated shift.
  • Completes detailed documentation and reporting of shift operations, maintenance and/or safety issues relating to the Power House.
  • Responsible for maintaining safety and legality.
  • Ensures accurate and timely completion of shift inspection checklists, data sheets, log books and inventories of chemicals relevant to Power House.
  • Supports reliability and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Operation of Potable Water Treatment Plant.
  • Participates in Company Lock-out/ Tag-out program.
  • Other tasks include, but not limited to, lifting and working around hot surfaces with exposure to salt dust & noise.
  • Performing shift housekeeping tasks such as sweeping/washing floors, equipment and other duties as assigned.
  • Maybe required to work as maintenance and or relief operator (8hr schedule with some twelve hour shifts).
  • Maybe required to work some overtime.
  • Will be required to train operators as to proper operation of Power House to ensure operator knowledge.

All related tasks as required.

Your Profile

Our company vlaues and recognizes the diversity of the workforce, and is looking for talented individuals with:

ABSA 3rd Class Permit with temporary 2nd Class Permit.

2nd Class Permit Preferred

Capable of effectively functioning  in a fast paced and dynamic

    manufacturing environment.

 - Strong verbal and written communication skills.

 - Good Interpersonal Skills.

 - Ability to quickly and effectively analyze and solve problems. 

 - Ability to work independently and function within a Union Setting.


We Enrich Your Life

Stationary Engineer

Lindbergh, Alberta


It's more than just the white, granular seasoning that enhances the flavor of so many foods.  Salt is one of the most widely used minerals on the earth.  It's a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria and is an essential element in our diet.

Join a winning team in our Lindbergh Facility, close to Elk Point, Cold Lake and Vermilion. Our facility has 50+ employees dedicated to safety, quality and customer service.  We produce a large variety of salt for different uses.

We are looking for a Stationary Engineer, the successful candidate operates and maintains the powerhouse to supply steam, electricity, water and air as well as other related services that are required by the facility.  A willingness to work 12 hours continental shifts is an essential requirement for this full time position.

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We enrich life through the sustainable extraction and refinement of minerals to indispensable products and through our working environment, which is unique. Because it stands for everything that really matters in life: More trust, teamwork and meaningfulness for more than 14.000 employees in over 90 locations on five continents. Welcome to K+S.

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