K+S receives the MINT Minded Company Award

K+S once again receives the MINT Minded Company Award. We are very pleased about this! The award is something very special. Learn more about the award and why it is so significant for us.

What makes the award special is that it is given by nominations from enrolled students in a MINT course of study (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology). When nominating, students are asked to name their top employers. The award cannot be purchased.

We are particularly proud of this, as it means we are making an important contribution to retaining skilled workers in MINT qualifications.

More information about the award:

  • In Germany, the lack of skilled workers in MINT fields is becoming an increasing problem and slows down the development of new innovations therefore we specifically support graduates in MINT disciplines.
  • In addition, we make it easier for MINT graduates to get started by providing them with experienced colleagues.
  • We also try to awaken and promote a fundamental interest in MINT disciplines among schoolchildren.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their nomination and trust!