K+S is partner of the "Klischeefrei" (cliché free) initiative

The "Klischeefrei" initiative aims to establish a gender-equitable choice of career and education - without any stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes continue to determine career choices, although such outdated patterns of thought should have long become obsolete. Partners in the initiative are committed to breaking such stereotypes and enabling all genders to choose a career according to their abilities and interests.
K+S is also committed to promoting diversity in all our work fields, and as a mining company have to struggle with typical role clichés. By participating in the "Zukunftstag" (Future Day), for example, we want to give school students  an insight into our unique and diverse working world and refute typical role clichés.
We also invite school children to our Technology Day, which we attend every year, and provide information about our technical work fields.
We see it as our duty to work towards a diverse corporate culture now and in the future.




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