Six short questions to Mona

In an interview consisting of six short questions, Mona reports on her career and everyday working life as an electrician at the Neuhof plant and on why she chose K+S.

1. What's your career like?


I have been with K+S in Neuhof since my training in 2010. I decided to train as an electrician because I have always been interested in craftsmanship. Initially, after my training, I was employed in service and now I have been working in central technology for almost a year. In addition to my job, I did the technician certification in night school.

2. What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

The work is varied, which I personally think is very good, because it always exciting. Due to the new challenges, you never stop learning and can always keep improving and developing your skills.

3. How and when does your working day start?

Meyer_K S-Neuhof_Layout-1875-16-9

At six o'clock in the morning the discussion of the upcoming tasks with the mining supervisor takes place. Then you start your work with the respective tasks. Because the tasks are different from day to day, it never gets boring.

4. Why did you decide to train at K+S back then?

Meyer_K S-Neuhof_Layout-2506-16-9

I wanted to do something manual after "just" sitting in a school desk for years. So I decided in favor of K+S because family members of mine are already with K+S and it is close by. I was able to walk from my home to work, which was particularly good because I didn’t have a driving license yet.  So I dared to take the step into professional life and it was the right decision because I learned a lot and enjoy my work. My technician certification gave me the opportunity to further my education. I am curious to see how my career will continue at K+S.

5. How would you describe the management culture at K+S?

I would describe the management culture here at the site as very open. Communication with the master craftsmen is also very open and relaxed, but you still learn respect. I think that's good.

6. Does the topic of "work-life balance" play a role for you?

Yes, it does. Work can be well integrated into everyday life, even if you have to go to work at 6 o'clock in the morning, then you have more free time in the afternoon. The fact that I have many friends at work makes it easy to combine work with leisure time.

Thank you very much for the interview Mona!

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