My apprenticeship as electronic technician for industrial engineering

Lars reports on his training in the field of electronics for industrial engineering. How he came to this and what exactly he finds so fascinating about this profession, he describes here.


Hello, I'm Lars. I am an apprentice in the field of electronics for industrial engineering. When I was 16, I started my apprenticeship immediately after finishing secondary school. Why did I decide to train? I used to work in the Merkers visitor mine with my grandfather, who was a miner himself - after that, I only considered working underground. I've also always been interested in electronics. The underground training as an electronics technician was the perfect thing for me.


I spent the first two years of my apprenticeship mainly in the training center. I have been stationed in the mine in Hattorf-Wintershall since the third year of my apprenticeship.


I will then return to the training center for exam preparation, where I will complete my training. Throughout the training, you will go through different areas and will need to change the way you work depending on the areas where you train.

In the training center - where it all starts

My training began in the training center for days on end. There we could get to know everything, had factory tours, an underground tour, got a taste of the work and the first overview of electrical engineering. In the morning, we were given an introduction to the daily routine and the tasks and topics that awaited us throughout the day at the training center. The company lessons also took place here. We discussed all the basics, such as the mathematic tasks of electrical engineering, and looked at how important occupational safety is for our day-to-day business: What could happen? How can we protect ourselves?

Then we started with the first small circuits - especially house circuits and installation circuits such as cross and alternating circuits. Then we were introduced to control technology.

In the field - What I am currently doing

Now that we are stationed in the operational areas, we are assigned to a colleague at the beginning of the shift, together with the other colleagues in the mine, in order to carry out the upcoming tasks. At the moment I am in the main electrical workshop underground, the next thing I have to do is get into the electrical equipment of vehicles. There I will have to deal with all electronic components of large machines.

My tasks as an electronics technician


As an electronics technician you have many different new tasks. In the mine we receive different orders every day, into which we then have to immerse ourselves and read. Of course we get support, a contact person is always available to help and advise us.

But first we have to see how it works on our own. So it never gets boring. Personally, I find everything that has to do with engine technology and engine control most interesting. That's why I like to get down to work.   

We also took a driving test underground, for our "underground kingdom". I am now allowed to drive there - initially accompanied for half a year. In the "driving school" underground we were on the road with a Jeep Wrangler and after the theoretical driving test we also took the practical test.

What I particularly like about my training is ...

... the miners underground whom you can always rely on.

How things will continue for me after the training ...

I would like to gain a few years of professional experience in order to develop myself professionally in the best possible way. K+S offers many opportunities for this, such as attending the technical school in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

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