Making your hobby your profession

In an interview Jan talks about how he turned his hobby into his profession. The trigger for this was an internship at K+S.

How long have you been with K+S and how did you hear about us?

I am in my first year of training as an industrial mechanic at K+S. I had already completed my FOS internship here before. Since I liked the internship very much, I decided to do an apprenticeship at K+S and am now also very satisfied that I chose this path.

Yes. In my spare time I like to work hard and therefore I definitely wanted to do an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic so that I could combine my hobby with my profession."

Have you always known that you would like to become an industrial mechanic?

I knew K+S through stories even before the FOS internship. However, my good impression was confirmed by the training trade fair in Fulda. That's why I did my internship here at the time and then wanted to do my training as an industrial mechanic at K+S. I find my work exciting and interesting and I can also work independently and assume responsibility.

How would you describe the corporate culture?

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At K+S, the buddy mentality is at the forefront. That means being ready to help, being collegial and always having an open ear for problems are of great importance in our mining culture.

In addition, we trainees are more than just colleagues, we are friends."

What do you particularly like about your training at Neuhof?

My trainee colleagues and I think the "GUT DRAUF" program at the Neuhof site is particularly good. "GUT DRAUF" is a program of the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Federal Center for Health Education) to make training healthier, more active and less stressful. This includes activities such as a healthy breakfast, a jogging session at noon to get more exercise into everyday life, as well as excursions or seminars to cope with stress before upcoming exams. We also have a room where we can relax and take a breather.

If you could name one thing that you enjoy the most in your training in Neuhof, what would it be?

A particularly cool thing is working on projects. A good example of this is when the training fair in Fulda is coming up. For this fair we build miniature models of our machines, which will then be used at the training fair. This especially promotes teamwork, manual skills and it is fun to see the finished model at the end. We also learn how to approach a task objectively and solve it in our project work.

What is the goal for your future career?

My goal is to successfully complete the training and then work as a journeyman. Later I would like to do my technician certification or my masters degree.

Many thanks for the interview Jan, and we wish you great success!

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