It's not only a man's world

In this article, Alexandra reports on her training as a chemical technician in a male-dominated occupational field.

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My name is Alexandra. I am in my third year of apprenticeship as a chemical technician. My apprenticeship is almost over and I have to decide in which direction my future career should go. Here we are in the material shed.

At that time, I chose K+S because it is an international company and I found the right training here. I made the right decision because I was able to enjoy good development here. After training, you also have many different opportunities for further training in order to continue working on your career.

As a chemical technician, you are employed both in the laboratory and in the workshops."

During my training in the factory, I got to know the areas of process engineering, metal and electrical engineering, and process control engineering. When I finish my training, I could work in the factory and be responsible for monitoring, control and sampling in the laboratory. So it remains an exciting and varied job.

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What exactly I want to do after my training, however, I don't know yet. I could graduate as a technician or study in this field. I am curious to see how things will continue, but K+S is supporting me in this.

The corporate culture is also very good. I am, so to speak"A woman in a male-dominated profession", but that is not bad. I have been well received and everyone is friendly, so the work is a lot of fun.


In the pictures you can see some areas of our factories and warehouses. In the top right picture you can see the material shed. From there the product is loaded directly into the railcars or trucks. Above is a picture of the Kieserite granulate, which we produce at the site. The picture on the right is from the mechanical workshop. This is also an area of application during the training to become a chemical technician.

The training and the profession as a chemical technician is very varied and exciting.

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