"As an IT consultant, I see myself as an intermediary between business and IT."

Stefan works for us in the area of Demand to Plan & Source to Pay. In the following interview you can learn more about Stefan's work.

Have fun reading.

Stefan, tell us how you came to K+S and what did you do before?

K+S is my first employer. Before that, I completed a master's degree in business information technology. Afterwards, I started as an IT trainee at K+S in 2011. Through the trainee program, I got to know many IT departments and acquired a broad knowledge. It also helped me to build up a large network at K+S. My target area during the trainee program was determined very early on because my strengths lie in the analytical and mathematical functions. The trainee program enabled me to grow into my responsibilities, from small tasks to project management.

How would you describe your work at K+S?


In my job, I accompany logistics processes at K+S. My main tasks include IT technical design as well as support and process consulting in the supply chain planning environment. As an IT consultant, I see myself as an intermediary between business and IT and work as a kind of solution apparatus and consultant for various adaptations. I am also in direct contact with users, which gives me a wide range of contacts with K+S employees and companies. A regular exchange also takes place on a global level with colleagues from Chicago and Santiago de Chile. I also supervise various projects, for example in the value chain area or a project in Chile in which we have implemented sales planning on site.


The requirements of my job are:

  • Designing and implementing concepts
  • Handling projects
  • Considering and creating time frames
  • Convening meetings with the right contacts
  • Performing quality inspections
  • Budget planning

How do you see the management culture at K+S?

I experience the management culture as very open. There are appointments where you can exchange ideas, but also solve challenges together. In addition, there is a feedback culture that enables me to continuously develop myself further.

Which benefits offered by K+S do you particularly like?

I think the fitness program is very good. This offers us a good balance to our daily work. My children also have a place in the GlücKSkinder company kindergarten. Another plus point are the trust-based working hours. It enables me to adapt my working hours flexibly to projects and works very well with family life.

How do you see your work in the future?

A world full of exciting new projects will certainly open up, especially in IT. I'm looking forward to it!


Thank you very much Stefan for the interesting interview.

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