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Idea management - How employees successfully contribute their ideas

Living idea management is of great importance at K+S. We encourage all our employees to submit their creative and innovative ideas and suggestions for improvement at any time. This enables us to constantly develop and improve our organizational processes and minimize the risk of injury.

Our employees Martin and Marchell from the power plant at the Wintershall site have done exactly that thereby making an important contribution to hand safety at K+S, which we report on in this article.

The initial situation

One of the tasks of the two craftsmen Martin and Marchell is to disconnect a large number of pipes from each other. This work is not entirely without danger for both of them, because in order to loosen the screw connections, a hammer wrench is used, which one of them has to hold while the other hits the end of the hammer wrench with a hammer. This can easily result in injuries to the hand of the employee holding the hammer wrench.

The idea

While visiting a trade fair, Martin and Marchell discovered the so-called finger saver, the use of which would make the loosening of pipes much safer. Convinced of this protective means, they submitted the idea of purchasing a finger saver to their supervisor. They hoped that this would not only improve their own hand safety, but also that of many of their colleagues.

The implementation

Their supervisor was equally convinced of the idea and was pleased to find out that they already have contact with a company that carries the finger saver in its product range. So there was nothing to get in the way of a quick implementation. From now on, the work can be carried out much more safely.

But that is not all. Our central idea coordinator also became aware of their idea and transferred it to the various plants. It is pleasing to know that this protective equipment is also being used at almost all sites and that we were able to contribute to the hand safety of all our employees from one great idea.

Action days and idea competitions on hand safety at K+S

The subject of hand safety plays an important role at K+S. In order to prevent injuries, the central technical department has already held a day of action as well as an idea competition in 2018. As many valuable ideas from our employees were collected there, such campaigns should also be held in the future in order to be able to guarantee even more occupational safety at K+S.

These were and are all good ideas that we will use as a basis and model for further campaigns on the subject of ‘hands’ this year. Thus, the central technical department will be holding its action days at more sites.”
Dieter Keienburg, Head of Occupational Safety and Health at K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH

Dear Martin and Marchell,

We thank you for this great idea!

We are also looking forward to many more great ideas from all our employees. Whether on the subject of hand safety or other organizational processes, all ideas are welcome!

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