As an intern, you will be well received in the team from the very beginning

The former intern and working student Vanessa reports on her experiences and tasks in personnel marketing and personnel development at K+S.

Vanessa, can you introduce yourself?


I am Vanessa, 24 years old and am studying English and American Culture and Business Studies in my 8th semester at the University of Kassel. In the current winter semester I will write my bachelor thesis and will soon finish my bachelor studies. At K+S, I completed a four-month internship in personnel development and then worked for six months as a student trainee in personnel marketing.

How did you come to K+S?

K+S is an attractive employer in the region and even then, at school, when various companies were discussed, K+S was always at the forefront. Friends of the family made me even more aware of K+S and informed me when there were job advertisements that suited me and then found something exciting, which I then applied for.

Why did you decide to do an internship in Personnel Development?

It has always been clear to me that I would like to work with people. I knew that in the area of personnel development there was a lot to do with further education and training and that there was a close exchange and contact with employees. Supporting the employees on an operational and strategic level was therefore a very interesting field of work for me, in which I wanted to gain even deeper insights. 

What were your areas of responsibility?

My tasks were really very wide-ranging. In operational personnel development, for example, I prepared and followed up seminars and workshops that can be attended by employees of the K+S Group. Strategic personnel development was primarily concerned with projects and their long-term effects: For example, compressing and presenting the results of a trainee survey or deriving further optimization possibilities for the trainee programs.

In addition to the tasks in personnel development, I was also able to gain insights into the work of personnel marketing. I was responsible for supervising students of the student retention program and for the preparation, follow-up, and evaluation of the university trade fairs.

How did you get from your internship to working as a student trainee?

Since I already gained insights into personnel marketing during my internship and inquired during my internship which working student positions there are and which departments are of interest to me, I could well imagine working in personnel marketing. There I applied for a working student position on my own.

What did you enjoy most about personnel marketing?

What I liked most was the social media area. K+S has different channels in which it acts differently and has to address different target groups. The K+S career blog, for example, is about employee stories and careers. It was particularly exciting that I was able to interview employees about their own careers, about their projects or current topics. This gave me the opportunity not only to get to know the employees myself, but also to further expand my own network within the K+S Group.

What was the highlight of your work as a student trainee?


I can't say for sure, because every day was different. There were new tasks every day, so it never got boring. So every day was a new highlight. But what I liked most was working in a team. You really build more than collegial relationships with which you also get along well in your private life.





What did you particularly like about K+S?

I really liked the open corporate culture. I was always able to address my questions and concerns. The doors of my colleagues and also those of my superiors are really open at all times. You also get a lot of responsibility and you can bring your own ideas and creativity into the work.
There is also a regular's table for interns and working students, which always takes place once a week. Everyone meets there and eats together in the canteen to get to know each other, exchange ideas and expand their own network. 

I was very warmly welcomed by the whole team really quickly. From the very first day, I felt right at home.”

Would you like to say a few final words?

My time as an intern and also as a working student was very exciting, interesting and also totally great, because I got to know a lot of nice people. I have a lot of practical experience, which will help me further in my career. In the future, I would like to be a part of K+S.

Thank you Vanessa for the exciting interview. We wish you great success and all the best for your future!

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