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A school intership with many facets

David started his student internship in HR at the end of September. He is a senior in high school and wanted to get a taste of the practical world for two weeks and gain an impression of what career direction he might take in the future. We asked him to describe his experience in a short blog post. 

My work at K+S


I started my student internship at K+S in Kassel at the end of September. I was very curious about what to expect during the internship. The aim was for me to become familiar with the work in the HR department. I could get a taste of different areas within the HR department and was thus able to get to know the entire HR team and different tasks, ways of working and perspectives.  
I started my internship in the HR Marketing & Recruiting department, which deals with job advertisements and the application process at K+S. There I was able to contribute creatively. I wrote my own texts for social media posts and told colleagues my personal perspective on their questions.

The following days I was working in the areas of HR development, labor relations and HR Kassel (personnel support). Everywhere I was able to gain interesting insights into the working methods of the employees. I didn't get bored during my internship, as I worked on many different tasks, whether I was assisting my supervisor with research, working on my own ideas, or learning about the daily routines of individual employees. 
My working days at K+S were completed by my assignment in facility management. My supervisors gave me an understanding of the infrastructure of the entire building. This taught me that activities that are not connected with the main business of K+S are also very relevant for the company. 

Before my internship, I wouldn't have thought that HR has so many facets."

Interaction with each other

I was surprised by the experience that all colleagues were very open-minded towards me. This was demonstrated by the fact that every employee I met made an effort to give me lots of impressions along the way. There were no long periods of idleness or boredom, nor was I overburdened by too many tasks. 
During the almost daily visit to the canteen, private topics were also talked about. I didn't feel excluded or left out; every colleague, even managers, were interested in me and my work, so there was always plenty to discuss.  
In particular, the valuable experience I gained in the HR department showed me that the employees are the top priority at K+S. Through the insights into company agreements or the widely elaborated idea and potential management, it has become clear to me how much effort is put into the promotion opportunities and the realization of the ambitions of each employee. 

Every day was an authentic insight into the respective working world. And no matter which area I was assigned to, I always felt welcome."

My experiences


Overall, applying to K+S in Kassel was definitely the right decision. I learned what it means to work 40 hours a week and that very few stereotypes about the typical office job are true. Instead, I was shown a wide range of work types, all of which differed from one another. There was no day that was the same as another. My impression was that in HR, there is something for almost everyone: from strategic to operational activities, from creative to routine tasks, from managerial to support jobs. 
After my internship, I'm taking with me that a job in human resources is definitely a valuable career option for me. I have positive memories of K+S as a company, employer and employee community. 

Working full time for two weeks was also exhausting at times. But I definitely wouldn't want to miss the experience I gained."

Thank you for the blog post and your support in the internship. 


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