A new kind of Workday at K+S – Reinventing the Employee Experience

Investing in Workday, our new human resource management system, is an example of how K+S responded to feedback for more modern, transparent, applicable tools. Workday is a big change for our organization! Read how the introduction of Workday at K+S changes our world of work and what it means for our teams around the globe.

What is Workday anyway?

Workday is a market-leading human resource management system that offers user-friendly  applications in areas that matter to our employees such as recruiting, onboarding and career development. It bundles all core people processes in one solution and enables us to act faster, exchange more transparent information across the organization and ultimately deliver a better product and service for our employees.  Workday is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows each employee to maintain their data “self-service” style, access our global job market and transparently communicate and display their interests for career development.

Ingolf Thom, Chief Human Resource Officer at K+S
I see Workday first and foremost as an investment in our employees worldwide. It provides transparent, easy access to information and gives leaders and employees more direct control over their data. From employees managing their personal and career information to leaders being able to look up valuable data with a few simple clicks in support of better decision making, Workday enables us to raise our standards and focus on developing of our workforce."
Ingolf Thom, Chief Human Resource Officer at K+S

With Workday we are fundamentally modernizing our way of working

Workday enables a new kind of partnership between leaders and employees. Ingolf Thom explains:

Because we have simplified administrative processes, we have more time for value-added collaboration, discussions and solutions for leading organizations and developing people. Workday gives us the opportunity to improve the overall experience of an employee, from the moment they apply, to their continued growth and development throughout the organization. Workday supports our goal to build a modern brand and be an employer of choice.”

Employees can actively shape their career

A strong talent and performance culture is important to K+S. Employees can now showcase their professional interests, qualifications and knowledge to be accessible to leaders across the organization. This sharing of knowledge will help K+S match the right people for the right opportunities at the right time and offer more engaging, meaningful and targeted career development. Employees and leaders discuss professional development through easy to access development plans and can also easily explore their next opportunity through a global job market. All this helps our employees to play a more active role in shaping their careers. This is a major step forward for our corporate culture. 

Workday increases the degree of digitalization in the company

Workday significantly increases the degree of digitalization at K+S. What was previously managed through many e-mails and paper forms is now done quite simply with a few clicks.  

We are now better positioned to react flexibly and quickly. As we have seen over the past few months especially, the world is rapidly changing, and we must be able to respond to it. Workday is a cloud-based secure system, available from any device and at any time. 

Introduction of the global job market and a new application system


With the introduction of Workday, an international job market has been set up for the first time. You will now find all K+S Group jobs on one page and the application process has been simplified to make the overall candidate experience more modern, fast and flexible. 

The advantages at a glance are:

  • Faster and easier application: If you upload your resume, your data is automatically entered into the system – no long application forms!
  • You can apply to multiple positions with the same profile information
  • You can set up a job alert to inform you as soon as a job matching your profile is advertised.
  • You can update your contact details yourself.

We encourage you to take a look at our job market and apply on one of our many engaging career opportunities!   

We are just at the beginning of our journey with Workday. We look forward to the future and are proud to introduce Workday after only one year of development. We would like to thank all our colleagues who have worked together across continents, time zones and cultures in support of modernizing and improving the employee experience across the globe!

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