Vision, Mission & Strategy
Vision, Mission & Strategy

We enrich life and focus on the customer

Our vision and mission set the framework for our business activities and the strategic direction of the Group and are intended to explain the principles on which we think and act to our employees, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers and the general public.

As part of our new "Shaping 2030" strategy, we have fundamentally redefined our vision and mission.



The future picture of K+S

We will be the most customer-focused, independent supplier of mineral products."
Compass Vision

The commitment of K+S

We enrich life through the sustainable mining and refining of natural minerals into essential products for agriculture, industry, communities, and consumers."

In the future, K+S will continue to do what the company is really good at - extracting and refining minerals. The high-margin business will be continued. The salt business will remain a permanent part of the portfolio. The attractive industrial segment will be significantly expanded and the business base permanently expanded. K+S is continuing to develop existing business segments and intends to develop new, high-growth business segments. To this end, the company is investing in growth markets.

For this, we will …

... think and act as “One Company”.

... leverage the potential of existing business.

... develop new, adjacent areas of growth.

... expand the speciality business.

Compass Mission
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