Mission Statement
Mission Statement & Strategy

We enrich life for generations

What we extract comes from nature and strengthens nature: our products are indispensable for people, animals, and plants. Through our products, we succeed in promoting health, growth and quality of life. Since our task is of such importance to life, we have set ourselves high standards - and a long-term perspective. Since many generations and for generations to come, we have been taking care of our employees and acting in a sustainable manner.

We ensure nutrition, health, and safety

With our work, we contribute to securing the food supply for a growing world population. We supply people, animals, and plants with salts essential for their health. In winter, our de-icing salt ensures road safety. Our products keep processes in numerous industries running safely.

We enable the success of our customers

We are committed to sustainable mining

We leverage our unique infrastructure for economic efficiency

We act as a partner with our communities

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Michael Wudonig
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Michael Wudonig
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