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Standort Staudt – Ickenroth GmbH

The packaging specialist & salt trading partner in the Westerwald

ICKENROTH GmbH specializes in the packaging and packaging of food and non-food products in folding boxes, buckets, tubular and stand-up pouches as well as Doypacks and offers a comprehensive service, from advice on packaging matters to logistics.

Another mainstay is the trade in salt, for example de-icing salt for winter road services or salts for water treatment.

Ickenroth GmbH
Auf der Heide 4
56424 Staudt
Fact sheet

Staudt at a glance

Founded in: 1973
Type of site:

Packing and packaging of rock salt and vacuum salt

Number of employees: approx. 20
Product & service portfolio:

De-icing salt, dishwasher salt, food grade and table salt (e.g. SALDORO®), bath salt

Production capacity :

approx. 60k tonnes year packaged goods in collapsible boxes, buckets, tubular and stand-up bags, and Doypacks

International standards & norms

Our certificates at the Staudt location

Our products are certified according to international standards and norms. Here you can find our current certificates.

ISO 50001 Certificate

K+S Group
German ( 1.45MB )

AISE Certificate

Ickenroth GmbH, Staudt
English ( 411kB )

ISO 9001 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
German ( 1MB )
English ( 722kB )
Czech ( 1.19MB )
French ( 826kB )
Dutch ( 1.61MB )

IFS Food Certificate

Ickenroth GmbH, Staudt
German ( 402kB )
English ( 503kB )
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