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esco benelux N.V.

The headquarters of esco benelux N.V., which sells salt as well as potash and magnesium products for the Belgian market, is located in Diegem, just a few minutes from Brussels airport. In 2001, the site was set up in the Brussels area. Since 2004 it has been located in Diegem. About 11 employees are responsible for the distribution of salt products as well as potash and magnesium products for the Belgian market, among other things.

esco benelux N.V.
Culliganlaan 2G bus 1
1831 Diegem
+32 2711-0161
Fact sheet

Diegem at a glance

Founded in: 2001
Type of site:

Headquarters and distribution of salt as well as potash and magnesium products

Number of employees: approx. 11
Product & service portfolio:

De-icing salt, food grade and table salt, tablets for water softening, pharmaceutical salt, potash and magnesium products

International standards & norms

Our certificates at the Diegem location

Our products are certified according to international standards and norms. Here you can find our current certificates.

GMP+ B3/B4 Certificate

Esco benelux N.V., Diegem; Esco france S.A.S., Levallois-Perret; K+S Czech Republic a.s., Olomouc, Praha
German ( 797kB )
English ( 796kB )
French ( 594kB )
Czech ( 599kB )
Dutch ( 490kB )

ISO 9001 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
German ( 1MB )
English ( 722kB )
Czech ( 1.19MB )
French ( 826kB )
Dutch ( 1.61MB )

EC-Eco Certificate

Esco benelux N.V., Diegem
French ( 228kB )
Dutch ( 235kB )
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