Your Responsibilities

Health and Safety: Ensure that legislation and Company rules / regulations are built in and followed in all assignments and responsibilities. This includes auditing monthly housekeeping, safety meetings and investigations to ensure effectiveness. Leadership in safety may include JHSC Co-chair responsibilities.

Production: Monitor the activities and processes to ensure asset uptime to achieve the budgeted production rates. Adjust manpower and process streams to adjust for changes with supply and demand. Work on improvements that increase the efficiency of the mine site.

Providing Technical Expertise:  The incumbent will participate in the strategic plan execution. He / she will provide expertise in a technical field to the workforce by identifying needs and making recommendations on the people and the process.

Human Resources: The leadership of the foreman will be critical in the development and the efficiency of the team.  As a strong leader, he / she will ensure that this team is focused on safety, quality, efficiency, professionalism and meeting expectations. The Weeks Island Mine has a major role within K+S Morton Salt Ltd, and provides directly to the profitability of the Company. The coordination of the team and feedback on projects will have a direct impact on the Company’s growth and profitability.

Employee Relations / Culture: The incumbent will ensure consistent application of Company values and professionalism. Thorough knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and its proper application is vital to ensure fairness and avoid grievances.

Environment / Quality: This position is responsible for maintaining product safety, legality and quality as per the corporate We CARE statement.


  • Responsible for maintaining an orderly shop.
  • Responsible for safety and health of process department employees through enforcement of standards and work practices and behaviors of Morton employees
  • Manage and oversee support activities required to comply with site safety requirements, MSHA regulations housekeeping and workplace safety
  • Responsible for work order flow and inventory accuracy in SAP.
  • Provides technical support from a leadership, management and training perspective
  • Understands quality targets to ensure sampling and shipping of intermediate and finished goods meets or exceeds customer expectations. Participates in RCAs for continuous improvement opportunities as circumstances arise that are identified for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Responsible for harmonious relations with employees in maintenance by operating the department consistently with contractual obligations outlined in the union agreement and sound HR practices.
  • Responsible for managing essential supplies and consumables to maintain and manage inventory to prevent production delays via stock outs.
  • Oversees the performance of maintenance employees and audits job completion and attention to detail.
  • Manages employee crew schedules, accountable for managing hourly employee overtime.
  • Responsible for execution strategic imperatives aligned with the site strategic plan and plan milestones.
  • Advocate for continuous improvement in the performance of the maintenance department.
  • Responsible for execution of MEWP principles and best practices in the maintenance program.
  • Routine input to the maintenance weekly schedule and management of the backlog of equipment assigned to the site.

Responsible to identify root causes and action plans to resolve productivity shortfalls and equipment damage events; identify and implement actions to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Your Profile

The Surface Foreman directs the day to day operations of underground maintenance personnel.

Working Relationships:

The incumbent must have good communication skills and the ability to communicate across all levels within the plant and for a working partnership with management. 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent


•   Supervisor experience of five (5) or more employees

•   Manufacturing or mining experience

•   40hr MSHA Training is preferred

•   Must be able to work in cold / hot weather conditions.

•   Must be able to work comfortably with high areas and confined spaces.

The Maintenance Foreman is the leader of his / her assigned shift and is responsible for all major decisions pertaining to the safe and efficient operation of all  operations.

We Enrich Your Life

Reporting to the maintenance general foreman, the incumbent will be managing rotating crews of 7 to 10 hourly employees in all activities associated with maintenance underground. This includes fixed and mobile assets. The foreman must be flexible to the changing needs of the business, which may include the ability to work rotating shifts.

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